Custom-Built PC's by Soring PC Repair

Should you even choose a custom-built computer?

With the decreasing price of computers, custom builds are becoming less popular. However, if your specific needs demand a special computer, then a customer build from a tech with experience building similar systems might be a good choice. With custom-built PCs, stability is a concern. Since the specific combination of hardware, software and drivers is not likely to have been thoroughly tested, there is an increased chance of system instability.

Whether you just want to save a little money in comparison to just outright buying a new PC out of the box or just would like something different then the computers that are "pre-built", a computer tech may be able to give you a better deal with a custom-built PC.

Speaking With the Tech

When choosing a tech, ask what sort of procedures he takes to ensure that the custom build is stable. He might mention that he uses "burn-in" software to test the stability of your system. Examples of burn-in software include MemTest 86 and Prime95.